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Buy a new quilt cover set and freshen up your bedroom!

Changing Quilt Covers is an easier and a less expensive way to make your bedroom look better than renovating your bedroom. Your bed dominates your bedroom. When you change your bed manchester your can create a new fresh look at once!

Our quilt covers come in many colours and fabrics. We have embroidery and sequins, frills and reversible print. You will find Microfiber covers,100% Cotton and blends. We also have the latest technology fabric – the Hot Press Microfiber.

The quilt cover designs change every year, with new colour schemes and new materials and technologies forming the fashion trends. In a sense bed covers are just like clothes or accessories.

Look at our quilt cover collection. We have the latest designs and technologies like Hot Press Microfiber as well as our favourite 100% Cotton. We also have quilt covers with embroidery and sequins to suit every taste and bedroom look.

Did you know?

Pillow-top Mattress Pillow-top mattresses have an additional layer of foam or padding atop the regular mattress. Sometimes they will be double-sided and have this layer on both sides, in which case the user is expected to flip the mattress over regularly for maximum comfort and lifespan of the mattress.

The general consensus is that pillow-top mattresses at their best are far more comfortable than standard mattresses, very good for the back and warm in Winter. Some common problems arising from bad manufacturing can be sinking accompanied by hill-like lumping and overheating in Summer particularly with latex pillow-tops. Another common complaint is that fitted sheets tall enough for the mattress are generally somewhat more expensive and not any better quality than standard fitted sheet sizes.

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