Bedspread, Comfortspread and Comforter

These are the bed covers of the bedding world. They are made of nice-looking jacquard fabrics with some, often artificial, filling. They are quilted or stitched – this keeps the filling from sliding inside of the cover and adds to the cover looks.

Comforters, bedspreads and comfortspreads cover the bed evenly and create a nice day look for the bedroom – they are often used for the guest bedrooms, in hotels and Bed ‘n’ Breakfast places.

You can use them in your bedroom too – the only question is which type do you prefer?


Puff Comforter BessA comforter is a soft flat bag used on a bed as a type of bed cover. It is filled with either an artificial material (such as polyester batting) or a natural material.

A comforter usually doesn’t cover the pillows or box spring of the bed. It is basically a thick stitched blanket that people put on their bed to achieve a much higher level of comfort and warmth.

A duvet is sometimes confused with a comforter, although comforters go on top of the traditional sheets and blankets and are primarily decorative while duvets are used alone.

A comforter does not come in direct contact with the body and therefore does not need frequent cleaning.

A comforter is usually dry-cleaned.

No cover is required for a comforter as it is a bed cover itself.

Being used as a bed cover, a comforter is made of bright attractive material, often with a quilt pattern.


Bedspread DecoBedspread is used to cover the bed and make it look attractive. It is thick, with microfibre filling stitched through and often has a rolled edge.

Being thick and light the bedspread simplifies the process of bed making. When oversized, it covers the whole bed and has a special flap to hide the pillows in.

With added cushion and neck roll it creates a beautiful look for the bedroom during the day and is easy to take off for the night.

Our bedspreads come with a complimentary filled breakfast cushion and neck roll – they make a very rich ensemble.


Comfortspread BrandenburgAnother type of bed cover is a comfortspread.

Comfortspread is basically a bedspread with a valance sewn to it to conceal the area under the bed.

It makes a very formal presentation for the bed, covering the whole bed box – the mattress, the sheets and the doona.

Any bedroom that may be visited during the day – by a friend having a guided tour of your house or a guest looking for a bathroom – will be safe with the composed and dignified appearance of a comfortspread.

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