Damages / Defects / Claims

Returnable items which are defective will be replaced or exchanged. The customer is responsible for the return of the defective item. A full refund will be issued for the item deemed defective if replacement is not possible. Items for exchange must be in original resaleable condition and not to have been used or washed.

BedLinenOnline.com.au and its manufacturers are not responsible for normal wear & tear, abuse, mistreatment, damages due to washing and shredded or worn fabrics in areas of usage. Please fax or e-mail customer service if you have any questions on which items are non returnable or have a restocking fee; return authorizations will only be issued by faxing customer service direct on +613 9568 7722.

Refunds or credits are normally issued within 4 to 10 business days of receipt of return or after inspection of item if required. Upon receipt of any return customer may be charged an additional amount for re-shipping package back to customer if item returned has been used, damaged, washed or is a non-returnable item. If you received a damaged or incorrect item or have any questions, please email BedLinenOnline.com.au at sales@bedlinenonline.com.au.