I have two single mattresses side-by-side

I have two single mattresses side-by-side I would like to fit with sheets. Their height is a little different, what size should I use? I would rather not buy two single sheet sets.

A short answer would be to use a double bed fitted sheet, though this will only fit the mattresses very well if they are short mattresses.

The amount left to wrap around two of the sides of the mattress (also known as the ‘walls’ to the ‘roof’ of the flat top of the sheet) will be reduced. Specifically, instead of the standard 40cm it would be 17.5cm (or even less, depending on difference in height between the mattresses) on each side of the width. So there is no guarantee that you will be able to tuck the sheet under the mattresses at those ends, though you will definitely be able to extend the elastic over the top edge of the mattresses and cover the entire top side of them. If your mattresses are short enough, however, the walls may be enough at 17.5cm or less to tuck under the mattress edges.

Your other options would be:

A larger fitted sheet, larger than you required dimensions. The only standard size fitting this requirement is King size, which is expensive *and* so much larger (by 78 cm in width and 81 cm in length) that it would virtually be as though you had used a flat sheet. Another option is to use a flat sheet, but if you are used to fitted sheets you may find that it slides around and won’t stay on the mattress like a fitted sheet does. Also it will bunch and fold when you move, where a flat sheet will stay smooth if fitted correctly.

If you would like to see the numbers, they are as follows: (sizes for all our sheets can be seen here)

Single bed fitted sheet size is 91×193+40cm, and with double the width is 182×193+40cm. So ideally you would like a fitted sheet of that size. However, the standard fitted sheet sizes (other than single) are:

  • 107×203+40cm (King Single)
  • 137×193+40cm (Double)
  • 152×274+40cm (Queen) and
  • 260×274+40cm (King).