Do you deliver to X location?

We deliver everywhere, but postage is more expensive for shipping to overseas, approximately proportional to the increase in shipping prices on our end. For example, postage for a Quilt/Doona is: to Australia – $18.50 AUD to New Zealand – $35.00 AUD to Asia Pacific – $90.00 AUD to the USA – $99.00 AUD to all … Read more

Will your sheets fit my Pillow-top Mattress?

You will need to measure the height of your mattress. Our fitted bed sheets have 40cm high walls on each side, and so will not fit your mattress if it is more than 38cm or so high (this allows for the elastic). In that case you may need to find deeper sheets.

What is a valance and do I need one?

A valance is not a bed essential. Valance refers to an extra length of fabric extending beyond the regular edges of a bed cover (see bed covers, specifically bedspreads and comfortspreads) which looks much like a curtain and is designed to hang prettily to the floor down the sides of the bed and is purely … Read more

I have two single mattresses side-by-side

I have two single mattresses side-by-side I would like to fit with sheets. Their height is a little different, what size should I use? I would rather not buy two single sheet sets. A short answer would be to use a double bed fitted sheet, though this will only fit the mattresses very well if … Read more

Where are the Egyptian Cotton Sheets made?

They are made in India by a Certified Egyptian Cotton producer. :O) The ‘Egyptian’ in the title refers to a superior and highly regulated way of growing and weaving cotton (read more here), rather than the location in which it is made.

Do you have X design in Y colour and Z size available?

The best check of whether or not we have something in stock is if it appears on the site when you browse the products and select the relevant options from the drop-down menus. We do our best to keep that up-to-date with information from our supplier. Occasionally mix-ups occur on either end and stock *may* … Read more

How does your 375 TC compare to others’ 1000 or 1200 TC? How about your 250 TC to Target’s cheap 400 TC?

There are a number of different factors which go into the thread count of a bed sheet, and a few loopholes by which thread counts may be inflated. You can read about this here. If you’re sourcing your sheets from Australia only, then the main loophole to look out for is whether the sheet manufacturer … Read more

I had a great experience sleeping under just a big firm luxurious comfy duvet at a hotel. How do I get something similar at home?

You will probably be looking for a quilt/duvet/duvet as well as a quilt cover to cover it, since this way the duvet will stay cleaner longer and it is easier to regularly wash just the quilt cover. It does not really matter how the material of the duvet itself feels against your skin, since you’ll … Read more