High quality manchester & bedding at wholesale prices | Winter 2020

Do you deliver to X location?

We deliver everywhere, but postage is more expensive for shipping to overseas, approximately proportional to the increase in shipping prices on our end. For example, postage for a Quilt/Doona is: to Australia – $18.50 AUD to New Zealand – $35.00 AUD to Asia Pacific – $90.00 AUD to the USA – $99.00 AUD to all … Read more

I had a great experience sleeping under just a big firm luxurious comfy doona at a hotel. How do I get something similar at home?

You will probably be looking for a quilt/duvet/doona as well as a quilt cover to cover it, since this way the doona will stay cleaner longer and it is easier to regularly wash just the quilt cover. It does not really matter how the material of the doona itself feels against your skin, since you’ll … Read more

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