Receiving Your Order

When you receive your order be sure it is exactly what you ordered and that it fits properly before using or washing, if the item is incorrect please email ASAP. Please email us about any missing or incorrect items ASAP – the sooner you do it, the better our chance is to find out what went wrong and correct it!

We will only accept your claims within 30 days of the order delivery.

Case 1 – we sent your a wrong or damaged item
If you get an incorrect item (not what you ordered) or the item arrived damaged, please email us and return the goods in their original packing. We will refund the postage you paid to send the items back provided you send us a copy of the postage receipt. We will send you a replacement ASAP after receiving and checking the return.

Case 2 – you are not happy with the colour, design or size
It is not our policy to replace or refund the items if the colour is not what you like or you chose a wrong size or wrong design.

In some cases we agree to take the item back and refund your payment minus our postage fee and restocking fee of $30.00, but that decision is made on an individual basis – you will need to email us and explain your situation.